Everything Elevated

We aim to provide the best personal training environment in Orange County in our top-of-the-line equipment selection and experienced training staff. Our front lounge area is stocked with high-end recovery tools to keep you feeling fresh. Our clients train hard but you would never know since our facility is thoroughly cleaned and equipment detailed five days a week.

Outside of our four walls, we are proud members of the Newport Chamber of Commerce and partner with local businesses throughout the year to give back to our community.

What Sets Us Apart


Premium machines from brands like Atlantis, Rogers, and Prime fitness allow for optimal training for both new and experienced clients. All the barbells your heart desires live here as well. Tackle your cardio goals on top-tier TechnoGym and Assault fitness equipment.

If you’re into free weights, we’ve got dumbbells, kettlebells, clubs and maces to keep it interesting. Functional training needs are met with sandbags, medicine balls, and various plyometric box options. 

We could keep going but, we’re confident in saying, “We have everything you need.”


As much as our equipment is eye-catching, we know our biggest value is in our roster of qualified and caring trainers. While they have various specialties and all bring different solutions to the table, they share the same vision of educating and guiding our clients towards peak health and performance.

Our staff meets weekly for a practical lesson from head trainer Andrew Serrano on biomechanics or exercise selection to ensure they are providing the best instruction and prescription for each exercise. We don’t stop at in-house education either. Our trainers are getting continual education throughout the year through seminars and certifications around the country in all areas of wellness – exercise, posture, nutrition, and more.


Our client base ranges from 12-80 years old, making our community a well-rounded and inclusive environment for all. We want everyone to take their health seriously but, we seriously want you to have fun too! 

Many people sync up their training times to be in the gym with their friends or family which creates a communal feeling while still providing personalized attention.

We love when the music fades into the background as the sound of weights clinking and laughter takes over the room because the better the training environment, the better the results.


Fashion Island is known for its exclusive access to luxury products and services so, we feel right at home as its next door neighbor in the Newport Center. Get cleaned up in our private shower room and meet up with friends at one of the many great restaurants or pop into that boutique store for some more athleisure attire to wear to your next workout.

If you want to skip the crowds, the Back Bay trail is just a few short minutes away and serves as a great place to complete your personalized cardio program from your Iron Body trainer.

Need to charge your car? Our parking garage can help with that. Want Cryotherapy? That’s next door. Need a chiropractor? Just across the parking lot. Whatever you need, it’s here.