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Andrew Serrano

Head Trainer

Andrew, a native of Southern California, has been passionate about fitness since high school. As a 95lb wrestler aiming to gain size, he dedicated himself to bodybuilding during college and achieved success by winning his first competition in 2008. Embracing his natural abilities, Andrew transitioned to powerlifting, where he achieved impressive lifts of 667lbs in squats, 392lbs in bench press, and 627lbs in deadlifts during competitions. He currently challenges himself to become a hybrid athlete, capable of achieving both a 6-minute mile and a 600lb deadlift in the same day. Outside of fitness, Andrew enjoys off-roading in his Jeep with his two dogs, Pippin and Walter, exploring the deserts of California, Arizona, and Utah.

Andrew believes that reaching fitness goals is like following a roadmap. The first step is understanding one’s current starting point. Once established, he selects the appropriate tools, blending breathwork, resistance training, mobility exercises, cardiovascular training, and a tailored dietary approach to help clients achieve their goals in the fastest yet most sustainable way possible.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Andrew works with clients from various backgrounds. He is capable of catering to individuals seeking relief from musculoskeletal pain as well as advanced athletes, offering a wide range of expertise to meet their specific needs.

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Zach Backscheider


Zach, originally from upstate New York, had a football career cut short due to a serious leg injury. This incident sparked his curiosity about the human body’s functions and adaptations, fueling his passion to help others become stronger and perform better. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2020, Zach established a successful personal training business. Over time, he worked with diverse clients, including busy executives, the elderly, and individuals in recovery, which enhanced his versatility as a trainer. Seeking new experiences, Zach made the decision to relocate to California and joined Iron Body as a trainer.

Being a trainer has had a transformative impact on Zach’s life. He has had the privilege of meeting incredible people and witnessing clients commit to their plans and work towards their goals, creating a unique and rewarding experience. Zach’s approach aims to develop well-rounded clients who can achieve any fitness goal without sacrificing functionality. He strives to help them surpass their own expectations.

Zach is a versatile trainer with expertise in fat loss, strength training, and programming. His well-rounded skill set allows him to effectively assist clients in reaching their fitness objectives.

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Paige Sousa



10 Years

Paige Sousa found fitness after a 13 year basketball career. She coached junior college basketball immediately after her athletic career but transitioned to fitness in 2014 when she began coaching Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting in San Jose, CA and Austin, TX. From 2021-2023 she served as one of three Strength and Conditioning coaches for the nationally dominant Mater Dei High School, where she oversaw 8 premier sports teams throughout the year – (yes, even football.) No matter where she was physically coaching, Paige maintained her remote personal training business of both men and women of all ages, with a broad spectrum of fitness and health goals. She provides personalized programming for developing both strength and muscle growth with extreme attention to detail.

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